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Drain cleaning

Drain cleaning is not something many of us think about until we are faced with a sink or tub full of water that refuses to go anywhere. At that point there are usually two options: try to clear the clog ourselves using a plunger or harsh chemical drain cleaner, or call a professional Burnside Ave Plumbing and Heating.

The type of clog depends in large part on its location. It is rare to find a grease clog in a bathtub, and equally rare to find a hair clog in a kitchen sink. In kitchens, grease is usually the culprit. As the grease builds up in the drain, other substances can get stuck in it. One of the most common of these substances is coffee grounds, but any other food stuff can get trapped. Eventually, the blockage gets so big that water can't get through. At this point you should call your trusted Burnside Ave Plumbing and Heating plumber.